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The article malware states that malware is software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system, without the owner's informed consent. WGA does not infiltrate, damage or corrupt a computer. An alternative is to rename Category:Spyware to something more neutral, for example Category:Suspected spyware , which not states indirectly that a program really is spyware not only due to WGA. The last suggestion may be the best solution. The above is quoted directly from the opening sentence of the current version of the Digital Rights Management article.

Cynical , 23 August UTC. In any non-trivial ad hoc open ended system there will be more unintended consequences than intended consequences. This is true in the vast majority of non-trivial systems: the number of non-excluded and possible self-interactions is certainly much larger than then total number of atoms in the known Universe. It is open ended because new software or interactive data can be added at any time without additional system design.

These conditions alone are enough to establish the situation described in the above statement.

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Unintended consequences can include any aspect of machine operation where there is not complete and comprehensive systematic prevention by total lack on interaction or design, which in just about all cases is an impossible job without total systematic organization in all aspects of relevant operation.

These consequences can be detrimental to the user in terms of machine performance as an example of a particular type of unintended consequence among an astronomical number of possible types of consequences. The following are two examples of such unintended consequences. They are but two immediate examples taken from a brief and extremely limited experience of a single user with WGA software compared to the unexamined possible experience of millions of users.

This suggests that it is likely that world-wide, each of large number of users is affected negatively, knowingly or unknowingly from the effects described, or from other unintended consequences due to the presence of the WGA software. The resulting window normally presents optional and priority updates, each which can be selectively installed.

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In this unusual case, there is no way to avoid installing the Validation Tool in order to continue to use Microsoft Update to install security updates. The only update choices are to discontinue using Microsoft Update or download and install the Validation software. I wrote it. When you dig out new information with truly new ideas, there is a lot of resistance.

But every fact that I presented is rock solid if put to the test. So please test it rather than deleting the article 12 minutes after it is written. I was going back in to clean it up and it was deleted out from under me. Now my time has run out and I will have to do it another day. Sure it needs to be simplified, but that can only happen through dialogue. That is why I put it out there.

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No learning process is peaceful and smooth, read a detailed history of quantum theory if you want to see a real flame war. Anyone who wants to take my facts, study them, validate them, and write a better article to replace it, by all means. But don't delete it after 12 minutes. It isn't a TV show, you will have to think and examine to understand what I put out there, not be a couch potato with a channel changer in your hand.

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I have not time now, but my next step when I get the time is to take what I wrote to the experienced Wiki-ites and work with it until we get it right. PS how is it solution? Microsoft can not contradict what I said, if they do, they would be mistaken What I said is well supported by the proof I have included as screen shots. This is exactly my point. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and as such, all the content must be independently verifiable, without relying on original research - see policies WP:V and WP:NOR. I'm sure what you're saying is perfectly true - but it's not up to me to make a decision to include it if it doesn't fit the criteria that all content in the encyclopedia has to have.

This is the kind of thing I'm sure there will be some non-trivial published sources for - WGA has made quite a stir on the web, as I'm sure you're aware. I don't have time to search for sources and citations right now either. I may do tomorrow if I have time. I didn't delete it, I moved your content onto the talk page, as there was no way it could stay on the main page in its present form without compromising the principles of the encyclopedia.

The huge images, in particular, were a problem. I'm sure some of this will make it in in some form or other - it just takes attention from a few wikipedians better versed in the subject than myself. No more bongos , 12 September UTC. OK Comments removed. Can anyone elaborate? Kipholbeck , 10 November UTC.

The article is clear. Automatic updates settings gives the user the option to "notify" updates. That means that the user is automatically told when there are available updates, but the user then decides whether or not to download and install them. Where an updated version of wga is delivered in this way, the user has the option to deselect wga from what they are downloading and installing.

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Judging by the latest IE installer and various other things, the WGA offical logo is JUST that starfish, so someone might want to get that image from their site somewhere and replace both current FUI images with that one. When I downloaded the last directx, i needed to install WGA. I dont know if it runs like in XP, because it detected as a Genuine Product and i didn1t get any problems. It seems that, starting today, Notifications doesn't appear for me in Microsoft Update not too unusual, since they've been known to disable it for certain locales or groups or the Microsoft Update Catalog okay, now that does raise eyebrows.

Anyone know what's up? Is this news? Or is this just a temporary thing? I have removed the NPOV tag because there is no discussion of the neutrality of this article on the talk page, even by the editor who put the tag up. Which leads me to believe that it is the opinion of one editor. It has been up for over two months.

If anything, this article is concilliatory towards Microsoft. Maybe that was the point of the tag. In any event, I do not think there is enough bias to justify use of the tag. Editors are welcome to revert me if they can offer a good explanation for its continued use here. Nodekeeper , 7 August UTC. Where are you getting the latest release information? So the old one can be deleted, I don't know how to do this - all I know is it wouldn't let me overwrite it. Nothing fancy, just a better image. Which one is the right one?

Edit fixed. Linuxgeek talk , 30 April UTC. Microsoft currently runs a WGA check before scanning for updates. You cannot even see the list of updates, critical or otherwise, much less download them, without WGA verification. For XP service pack 3 in particular, even if you obtain the installer from another source e.

The article alludes to being able to get critical updates even on WGA failed installs, but this is not true or is no longer true. Here are two alternative images of WGA in China. Decide if better than incumbent image, and replace if so. This screenshot is from a pirated copy of Vista. This screenshot is from a pirated copy of Windows XP Professional.

I just want to point out that according to Microsoft, the Windows professional operating system is covered by WGA. The description in Wikipedia says that the operating system does not use WGA.

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I think this should be ammended. Christopher —Preceding unsigned comment added by Before pressing 'Custom' or 'Express' buttons paste this text to the address bar and press enter:. When WU wants you to download and install WGA before it lets you download any new updates, is there any way to fake around this and get to the update list without installing WGA?

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To me, I would treat every software like a drug product. Since software is prone to computer virus, this kind of practice is a necessary mean to avoid computer virus spreading-- The same principle could apply to invoice and receipt , if there are no official ones which can fit all.

Another way of managing genuine products is to follow car, electronic and machinary industry's practices where their products are usually labelled by serial numbers and part numbers etc. Therefore, if an OS is bundled with a machine as OEM , its distributed discs should be noted as such. One of the problems rising from this kind of practice is that when the machine is in legacy status such as being a second hand one, sometimes its parts are not completely genuine. In such cases, I'm not sure whether only using product key protocols could prevent piracy.

Running the Windows softwrae that can detect that it is in fact in a virtualized environment may cause WGA to fail intentionally.