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Added commands Save and Load the process. You can use it for saving in a game, if the game has no save function. Read the manual for details about this functions. You can load processes in the Trial version for a maximum of Three 3 times only. Now you can set the filter on Type field in Handles page of process information. You can view it in reason when you open process information window.

If system process hash checksum has been changed then you can mark this process as System again.

System process hash can be changed when you install Service Pack or Windows Hotfixes. Now SPD can work without administrative rights. But SPD installation needs administrative rights. Fixed crash bug on Windows XP. Optimization of memory usage.


Improved analysis of threads. Added background system scan. SPD will popup when found dangerous process. New "Scan" page in options. Scan page contains "Scan on program start" and "Background system scan". Also you can select a type of process and SPD will popup when found it.

New spyware detection methods. Now SPD catches a spy that replaced a system process. Now SPD uses calculated process hash checksum to assign status for a process. Altered process is potentially dangerous. Added process Hashes in database. Now SPD encodes database files. Added menu command "Always on Top".

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The command makes SPD window always on top. New option "Replace Windows Task Manager". New option "Scan on program start". When you launch SPD then it immediately scan your system. The CPU usage of this process is the percentage of time spent in idle. Fixed bug with module detection of window. Fixed memory leak. New detailed process information dialogue.

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Special thanks for design to Oliver Sahr. New dialogue contains five pages with process information. General information on first page. Added icons of selected process and parent process. You can show or hide a window, activate, destroy it. And special feature - You can change window title. You can stop or resume a thread, change priority, destroy it. New page "Modules" contains detailed information about loaded modules in a process Module name, filename, Address, Size, Entry point, Company, Description.

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New page "Handles" contains detailed information about opened handles of a process Type, Name, Address. You can view all opened files by the process. Improved detection of Rkdemo Rootkit and other rootkit processes. Added french and bulgarian interface plugins. Improved detection of hidden processes.

New detection method. New columns - Username, Filename of parent process. Program shows CPU usage of hidden processes. New option "Use own function - OpenProcess".

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Set it to receive more information about hidden processes. New option "Use own function - TerminateProcess". Set it to delete a protected process. Refresh process information. You can change refresh interval in options. The program detects new and terminated processes. New columns - CPU usage, memory usage, work time, process priority. Some viruses corrupt data or delete files on your hard drive. Others send hackers private information, which leads to identity theft.

You might not be able to identify a virus, but you can take steps to avoid having your computer infected. Wireless routers are convenient networking tools for both businesses and individuals. The problem with these routers is that they open your private network to hackers within range of the signal. This could be someone parked outside your business or even a neighboring apartment.

Here are some ways that hackers could infect your network or wireless router. Another Combofix alternative we recommend is Watchdog Anti-Malware. Watchdog has been downloaded by thousands of former Combofix users and is compatible with all latest versions of Windows. Watchdog provides comprehensive malware identification and cleaning with a user-friendly interface.

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Very powerful yet safer to than Combofix. Download Watchdog Anti-Malware. Home Eye 2. Facebook History Spy 5. Facebook History Spy is the all-in-one software to instantly recover or view Facebook web history from popular web browsers. HideNow 1. HideNow allows your webcam to be utilized as a motion detector and perform specified actions when triggered.

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SpyDetectFree 1. SpyDetectFree is a lightweight, portable tool designed to detect the processes on your computer that may be spying on you via a keylogger or monitoring software.

Refog Keylogger 8. Oxynger KeyShield Portable 1. Protect passwords and other sensitive information from malicious programs and hacking with this anti-screenshot virtual keyboard. SpyVision 1. Spycam Watcher 1. Desktop Scout 5. Desktop Scout is a powerful computer surveillance program which can be used in the home, school or office to monitor and record every detail of PC and Internet activity.

Spy-Keylogger 1. Spy-Keylogger is a program that simplifies your life and helps you to avoid problems while working with computer. Modem Spy 4. Automatically record phone conversations and save as Mp3. Senriska 0. Wiretap Professional 6. SC-KeyLog 2. A powerful, invisible keylogger that captures user activity and saves it.