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YouTube videos monitoring — this Mobile Spy feature allows checking all YouTube videos watched by the target device. All the links to the watched YouTube videos are also provided. Social Networks monitoring — this features provides a clear overview of your target device social networks, recording all the Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook activities.

Installed apps records — this feature provides insights about all the applications installed on the target device. Apps blocking — this feature is a blessing for all concerned parents as it helps to block access to specific mobile apps due to security reasons or inappropriate content. Contact details viewing — this feature helps to check the target device contact list and view new contacts added to it. Calendar events monitoring — this feature allows monitoring of all target device calendar entries, including timestamps and its location.

Remote uninstallation — this feature enables the remote uninstallation of the Mobile Spy app.

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To stop logs recording, you need to log into your Mobile Spy account and follow the instructions to perform the remote uninstallation. Once it is recorded, it will be instantly uploaded to the Mobile Spy account in MP3 format for checking remotely at any convenient time. All the secretly captured pictures are available on the Mobile Spy Control Panel. And can be viewed and downloaded at any time you want. The information is updated every 90 seconds, providing a clear picture of activities taking place on your target device.

GPS location information — this feature instantly shows the current target device GPS location in real time. Retrieves information — this feature comes in handy if the target device is lost or stolen, protecting personal data and preventing identity theft.

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Email account logs delivery — using live control panel you can choose your email to be the main delivery destination for all target device recorded logs. How to install and use the Mobile Spy software? Firstly, you need to purchase the app license on the official site. Before purchase check, if your target device is compatible with the Mobile Spy app. Secondly, download and install Mobile Spy app on the target device. For download and installation, the Internet connection is required.

Thirdly, once the app is installed , log in to your Mobile Spy account and start monitoring the target phone data.

It is not news that reviews help to create the whole picture when it comes to different products as companies always tend to praise themselves. In this situation objective and detailed review is a lot of use.

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There are hundreds of cell phone spyware applications and we at top10spysoftware. On the basis of our own personal experience and views as well as customer reviews and feedbacks found on various forums and in social networks we singled out 10 companies that offer the best mobile tracking applications. If your question is which mobile spy software application is the best, we are ready to help you with our reviews.

The choice of mobile tracking applications is very varied nowadays — there are so many companies at the market nowadays. In this respect it makes sense to make a little bit of research before actually make a purchase choice. The best option is when a company is U. Live customer support is another thing to take into consideration. Most companies claim to have live chat; however, not all of them work and the presence of one on a website is not necessarily a guarantee that your issue will be handled efficiently.

In this respect it makes perfect sense to check the functionality of this option before you actually make a purchase.

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Automated responses are not the best indicators of quality and you can judge about the level of the service in the first place. The company usually shows information about credits and reviews and discloses things like plans prices, transactions information, moneyback guarantee and refund policy — all clear and easily reached for a customer. This step can save you from complications in the future; and the information presented there is also a very demonstrative way to get an idea whether you are going to deal with a decent company or not. In the light of recent cases when a range of mobile tracking companies appeared at the market and a great deal of them being simply indecent businesses and downright scam that aim to take money from you there are plenty of cases in regard to companies that were closed or sued or taken other legal actions against them , it is really essential to be careful before making a choice.

By creating our reviews we make it easier for you to decide upon the application and save your time. We understand how hard it is sometimes to find adequate and expert information in the avalanche of the articles on the Internet. That is why we hope that our cell phone spy software reviews will be useful. Home About Us Contacts.

However, it is pretty unproductive to go browsing for all the options presented on various websites when you can have top products readily reviewed for you. Here we present three major players in the field:.

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A leading mobile and computer monitoring solution and the most powerful security and safety tool. It is one of the most advanced as well as customized applications available for every user purpose and its broad variation of tracking options is combined with the affordable price and the best quality. Read Our Review or Visit Website. Hugely popular among parents and employers, the software comes truly useful for all mobile monitoring purposes. It is powerful, easy to install and run, and it also offers a numerous range of monitoring features that even the most demanding user will find sufficient.

Most recommended for efficient monitoring. Very powerful and advanced monitoring application. Use it for tracking all mobile communications and activities of your kids or employees and be sure everything is OK. There is a number of advanced features offered, which explains above average price; however, you may rest assured that the best result is guaranteed.

Make an informed and considerate decision by picking the one that suits your needs best. We at Top10spysoftware. Cell phone spy software have recently began to spread with the speed of sound and gained a great share of popularity. They can be used for:. We provide the most accurate information about various mobile tracking applications in order to help you with your choice. It is not news that reviews help to create the whole picture when it comes to different products as companies always tend to praise themselves.

In this situation objective and detailed review is a lot of use. There are hundreds of cell phone spyware applications and we at top10spysoftware.